“Why I Bought A House In Detroit For $500” by Drew Philip (on BuzzFeed)

“Why I Bought A House In Detroit For $500” by Drew Philip (on BuzzFeed)

This article (click the redundancy under the blog post’s headline) tells the story of the author’s experience moving to Detroit, purchasing—and making habitable—a house that had been abandoned for a decade.

However, it’s a much bigger story than that, because he sets it in the current and historic circumstances of the city and of his particular neighborhood in Poletown, with lots of photos that illustrate this look at the wider context.

But it also gives good insight into the mixed feelings associated with moving into the city as a young, college-educated white person who may be perceived as part of the current wave of gentrification. I think it’s pretty clear from the author’s actions (like rebuilding a broken house with very few resources), interactions with neighbors, and location of choice that he’s not part of any gentrification. But he nuances the whole thing really well.

And the article makes me homesick. I want to get back to Detroit soon!

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